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Ready for digital transformation? Key take aways from the tech frontrunners | part 1 — DESIGN

The Next Web conference offered a wealth of lessons from the tech frontrunners. Three trends stood out from the crowd and I share them with you. Below is the first one: design. Steve Jobs already understood its importance to adopt technology, but both the increasing impact on our lives and the increasing complexity ensure design needs to be put on a pedestal. At least, if you want to integrate tech successfully into your products and processes...

Stephen Fry showing how ancient Greek wisdom might describe our future with AI

During an interview on Dutch television, Stephen Fry came up with a mindblowing analogy of what we, as human beings, have to decide on when it comes to future developments in Artificial Intelligence. Somehow, he combines the Greek mythology of Prometheus with the rise of the Internet and extrapolates this to an impressive summarisation of the whole AI debate.