(Interim) Management

We’ve initiated, managed and implemented numerous data (related) products and projects and set up data analysis teams across industries in The Netherlands (e.g. healthcare, pharma, insurance, retail, leisure, automotive).

Yes, we know our stuff about concepts like Lean, Agile, Business Model Canvas, Design Thinking and Lean startup, but we have an extra bonus: our knowledge of and experience with the latest (data) technologies.

This combination of experience in management, process and technology ensures we are able to lead your (data or tech) teams with focus and agility, depending on the circumstances. Whether it’s:

  • Setting up new ones.
  • Prime the team or job for your own candidate.
  • Align the team with other parts of your organization.
  • Increase the effectiveness of the team
  • Turn the team’s goals, skills and competences around a new (strategic) perspective.

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