These are strange times. For the first time in human history, we, as human beings, are matched by others. In this case not other living creatures, but by ‘machines’ which are starting to mimic human cognitive capabilities. ‘They’ are not there yet, but the pace of new developments is tremendous.

Two power fifty (or 2^50 or 2 -> 50) refers to the example written by Rolf Dobelli in his book The art of thinking clearly. It reflects the power of exponential growth using an example of folding a sheet of paper 50 times. If this sheet is just 0,004 inches thick, you’ll end up with 70 million miles, better yet, the distance from our earth to the moon. That’s the power of two: the human mind simply can’t grasp the true impact of seemingly small and simple changes. And it’s exactly what is happening today.

Twopowerfifty is founded by Jasper de Vries. He uses this company to facilitate, coach and guide organisations to define new opportunities and leverage these with their existing or new business. He’s also founder of a startup which uses AI to enhance the way people learn, providing every single individual with their own, personalised and optimal way of learning.


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